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Diagnostics at Foxridge Veterinary Care in Middleton, WI

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Overview of Diagnostic Services

At Foxridge Veterinary Care in Middleton, WI, we are dedicated to maintaining your pets’ health through our comprehensive diagnostic services. Our commitment to providing high-quality veterinary care is evident in the thoroughness of our diagnostic procedures.

veterinarian in work looking at a dog x-ray

Radiology Expertise

Our veterinary radiology services play a pivotal role in identifying and diagnosing various medical conditions in pets. Utilizing advanced imaging technology, we capture detailed internal structures, aiding in detecting injuries, abnormalities, or potential health concerns. Our experienced professionals ensure a swift and minimally stressful radiology process for your pet.

In-House Laboratory Services

Foxridge Veterinary Care has a fully operational in-house laboratory, enabling us to conduct various diagnostic tests promptly. This facilitates quick results and timely decision-making regarding your pet’s treatment plan. Our in-house laboratory services encompass various tests, including bloodwork and urinalysis, providing a comprehensive understanding of your pet’s health.

Collaborative Approach with Reference Labs

We collaborate with reputable reference laboratories in instances requiring specialized testing to ensure the most accurate and detailed results. This network of external labs grants us access to various diagnostic tests, offering valuable insights into your pet’s health status. This collaborative approach ensures thorough diagnostics, allowing for precise and informed medical decisions.

Why Choose Foxridge Veterinary Care for Diagnostics?

Expertise and Precision

The team at Foxridge Veterinary Care boasts extensive experience in diagnostic procedures. With a commitment to precision, we interpret diagnostic results with care, ensuring accurate assessments of your pet’s health.

Client-Centric Communication

Recognizing the concerns of pet owners, we prioritize clear communication and transparency. Our veterinarians take the time to discuss diagnostic findings, providing insights into your pet’s condition and addressing any questions or concerns you may have.

Convenient and Efficient Services

With our in-house laboratory and streamlined diagnostic processes, we prioritize efficiency without compromising care quality. Swift turnaround times for results and collaborative efforts with reference labs underscore our commitment to timely and accurate diagnostics.

Foxridge Veterinary Care in Middleton, WI, is your trusted ally in safeguarding the health and vitality of your pets through advanced and thorough diagnostic services. Schedule a comprehensive pet diagnostic appointment today and experience our dedication to exceptional veterinary care.